‚ÄčOur rehabilitation program offers physical, occupational and speech therapy services . Our therapy program is designed to improve functional and mobility status. Our recovery plan is designed to meet each of our residents individual recovery needs.¬†

We Specialize In

  • Muscle weakness 

  • Pain management 

  • CVA 

  • Parkinson's Disease and other progressive disorders 

  • Aphasia 

  • Dysarthria 

  • Dysphagia 

  • Neurological disorders 

  • Joint Replacement 

  • Adaptive equipment 

  • Amputees with or without adaptive equipment 

  • Strengthening, conditioning and endurance 

  • Fractures 

  • Mobility as well as functional status 

  • Cognition 

  • Impairments with vision 

  • Orthotics and prosthetics