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The Croasdaile Village program features eight dimensions of Wellness:

The Eight Dimensions of Wellness

Physical Wellness

By maintaining a healthy body, residents are able to achieve so much more in their retirement.

Regular exercise like walking and swimming, maintaining a strong core, and staying limber and flexible are common in this dimension.

We also promote eating regularly with nutritious foods, having a good night's sleep, drinking plenty of water, and taking preventative health measures like staying up to date with wellness visits in our Clinic.

Spiritual Wellness

The spiritual comfort for all of our residents is another top priority for overall wellness.

All denominations and faiths are encouraged through non-denominational and chapel services, Bible studies, and yoga and meditation practice.

As our second dimension of wellness, all residents can seek out their own meaning of life with a variety of opportunities available to experiment with and experience.

Emotional Wellness

As humans, we are emotional creatures. This is why we have ensured that all our of residents experience great emotional health.

Residents experience the peaceful serenity of home, engage in uplifting discussions with others, and meet some of their best life-long friends at Croasdaile Village.

Because we are also pet-friendly, residents also enjoy the love of animals and the sense of purpose through caring and loving their fur-babies.

Intellectual Wellness

As our fourth dimension of wellness, there are many intellectual opportunities on campus for residents to stay sharp.

Many choose to form reading and book clubs, participate in seminars and classes, and even teach.

Traveling and writing are a few favorites for many of our residents who are looking for a creative way to stay mentally strong.

Social Wellness

Establish new relationships with others in the community through social wellness.

There are numerous opportunities to meet and interact with others like through our open-dining option in which residents can choose to be seated at a table with other residents for dinner.

We also host many plays, concerts, group trips, neighborhood gatherings, and activities that bring residents of common interests together.

Vocational Wellness

Just because our residents are retired, that doesn't mean they never work... They just work on the things they want.

Many choose to teach writing or publish that long-put-off book. Some enjoy getting their hands dirty in a garden, while others love to make an impact by volunteering for their favorite charity.

With choices that stem from our on-campus Resident Association to off-campus lecturing, residents enjoy finding the work they love most at Croasdaile Village.

Environmental Wellness

As a community with environmental awareness, our residents are given the opportunity to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

From automatic, water conserving faucets and toilets in our public restrooms to the recycling baskets located throughout campus, our residents make conservation effortless.

That way, as residents meander across our numerous green spaces, they can rest assured that with their help, the earth will remain beautiful.

Health Services for Wellness

Using our nutritional guidelines and numerous exercise class options, we offer numerous services to promote a culture of physical health.

Residents can enjoy our fitness room where flexibility, balance, and strength classes are held. Or, if they prefer, the swimming pool provides year-round water walking, aqua therapy, and water aerobics.

Feel the security of our Clinic which provides residents with blood pressure checks, flu shots, and scheduled periodic visits by other medical professionals. Therapy Services are also available on site.